What the World Needs Now is LOVE

Happy New Year friends! As I reflect on 2019 and all that it brought forth for Iddy & Oscar's I have an overwhelming urge to share with you how much I love and appreciate each of you and your love for Iddy's. For without you there would be no need for such a unique place. A place that loves others thru their gifts and with their gifts. We are so happy to send 25 kids to school this new school year.  Several are in University, a couple are in trade schools, many are in boarding schools or day schools finishing up their high school education. And then we have a precious little one in a special school learning how to communicate with the world through sign. All of this done out of love. I love what Fred Rogers told us, "The greatest thing we can do is let people know that they are loved." It's so true friends. It's one of our greatest commandments. "Love the Lord your God with all of your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength. The second is this, Love your neighbor as yourself." Mark 12:30-31

As I leave in a couple of weeks to check in with our students in Kenya, I would love to hear from you. What questions do you have? Anything you would love to know more about? What's something you'd like to see while I'm in country? I'd love to share more of my journey with you. I can't wait to see my precious friends and family there and love on them.

Thank You again from the bottom of my heart for your support of Iddy & Oscar's.

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