My Dad Interview

Discover Dad's stories, share his life, and create a lasting keepsake together with the pages of this keepsake interview journal. Inside are thoughtful questions for Dad to answer--questions about his childhood, family, accomplishments, and heartfelt wishes for his family. When complete, this gift book will become a treasure trove of love and lessons that can be enjoyed for generations.
Discover new parts of Dad and record moments that have shaped his life with the help of reflective prompts, such as:
• What was it like to become a father? What are some of your very first memories of your children?

• What are some things people often compliment you on?

• If you could pass along one piece of advice, what would you say?
Ways to use:

• Ask the questions as an interview to create a unique bonding experience between parent and child. You can even record audio or video clips of your conversation to make a truly special heirloom.

• Invite Dad to complete the book on his own so you can capture his words in his own handwriting.

The cover and spine feature foil stamping, creating an elegant gift for Father's Day or a birthday.

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